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Providing open architecture design tools to help yoU rapidly
develop and optimize your MECHATRONIC product


These tools incorporate Dr. Sidman's extensive practical experience in dynamic systems modeling and high performance electromechanical and digital control systems design. They provide a unique visual understanding about how your complex product operates dynamically. 

  • Fully parametric simulation models developed from basic physical principles
  • Design scripts allow "what-if" testing and help you explore product extensibility
  • Simultaneous visual access to electrical, mechanical and control states
  • Provides you with the ability to rapidly iterate to an optimum design
  • Freedom to easily change the model structure and compare alternative algorithms
  • Open-architecture allows you to modify the simulation model and design parameters in the future

Dr. Sidman's MATLAB/SIMULINK based tools seamlessly integrate:

  • Intuitive, instructive GUI block diagrams with scopes
  • Motor electrodynamics
  • Digital control system dynamics
  • Sensor dynamics
  • Electrical drive system dynamics
  • Actuator and load mechanical dynamics:
    • flexible mechanical modes or resonances
    • friction/stiction
    • backlash and other nonlinearities
  • Both continuous and discrete-time (computer/DSP) dynamics
  • Analog filters and digital signal processing functions
  • Important dynamic elements of your product that affect performance
  • In-depth model customization for your electromechanical system or product


Dr. Sidman's custom simulation and design tools give your engineers the capability to rapidly develop competitive high performance robust products by optimizing the design early in the development cycle. Purchasing a customized tool like this saves the time, frustration and considerable expense of doing it all in-house.  Your engineers can concentrate on what they do best - designing products.


What is the Model Centric Approach to Design? And, why have product development teams worldwide adopted it?

Please see Dr. Sidman's MATLAB NEWS & NOTES feature article, Control Design Made Faster and More Effective.


Contact Dr. Sidman to develop a customized simulation model or design tool for your application.

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