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comprehensive systems solutions 
to your hard to solve  technical problems

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modeling, simulation and optimization 

  • Customized Simulation Models and Design Tools - help you rapidly iterate to an optimum design
  • Comprehensive electromechanical product models - seamlessly integrate motor electrodynamics, digital control,
    sensor and actuator dynamics, electrical dynamics and complex mechanical dynamics.
  • Fully parametric, open architecture models provide user extensibility
  • GUI models teach the physical principles of your system's operation
  • Explore product performance enhancements, robustness and your own what-if scenarios and algorithms 
  • Automated techniques - optimize system parameters

product development

  • Algorithm development and system optimization
  • Prototype development
  • Augment design team capabilities

technology assessment

  • Independent design review and analysis
  • Competitive product analysis
  • Invention and patent assessment and interpretation

Areas of expertise 


Motion Control

Digital Servo Systems

Electromechanical Systems


Adaptive Control

Simulation of Dynamic Systems

Active Shock and Vibration Control

System Identification

Computer Peripherals

Sensors and Actuators

Active Damping

Magnetic Disk Drives

Mechanical Resonances

Vector and Field Oriented Control

Optical Disc Drives

Dynamic Systems Simulation

DC and AC Motor Control

Tape Drives and Printers

Dynamometer Control

Stepper Motor Control

Motor Drive Electronics

Analog Circuitry

Control Algorithms

About dr. Sidman

Dr. Sidman is an independent engineering consultant with over 40 years of practical industrial design experience. He is an expert in digital servo systems and disk drive head positioning servo control, with roles spanning product design, advanced development and applied research. He is the named inventor on 18 U.S. patents, author of many technical papers and received a Ph.D. from Stanford University in 1986. As Digital Equipment Corporation's top servo systems guru, Dr. Sidman was responsible for developing novel servomechanical technology for disk drives and headed the Storage Division's Servo-Mechanical Advanced Development Group.   Dr. Sidman is a Senior Member of the IEEE and ASME Past Section Chair and has been a Third Party Provider for The MathWorks since 1994. He founded his engineering consulting business in 1989. 

Customized Simulation Models and Design Tools

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